Introducing… Woodmarks No Girls Allowed

This will be my first attempt at a blog (thank you Adri for giving me the idea!), although it think it will likely be more of a photo blog/showcase for my adorable puppy, than a witty collections of thoughts. But who wouldn’t rather look at irresistible puppy photos than someone else’s idea of “interesting?”

Since we’re already about 3 weeks into this Spanky adventure, I’ll take this time to recap… My husband and I starting thinking about adding a new puppy to our family after losing our 5 year old mastiff, Diesel very unexpectedly to a rare and little understood condition (Canine Idiopathic Chylothorax). To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. I could fill volumes with my wonderful memories of Diesel, but that will have to be for another time.

And so it was months before I could even think about a new puppy. Even then, I had a couple of false starts where I almost said “yes” to a new addition, but then just couldn’t quite do it. When we were finally ready, I talked to my friend who has a beautiful bitch who I just love (CH Woodmarks First Noel at CL) and we waited for her to come into heat to be bred, but it came and without the usual hormones (a split heat, maybe?) While we were waiting for her to come in again, we heard about another breeding with Diesel’s niece (CH Woodmarks Blond Bombshell at Spcwood) and things looked promising. She was pregnant! And just as quickly, she wasn’t (resorbed her litter, we think). So we moved on. Another beautiful girl (Woodmarks Next Top Model) and littermate sister to one of Diesel’s best friends in the whole world (Chewie) was bred and we waited expectantly and hopefully. Everything looked good! The due date came and she had 2 big beautiful, healthy girls.

Oh, did I mention that I only wanted a boy?

And so in a whilrwind, I went to go see a litter (bred by Robert Miller, Leeds Hall Mastiffs and Scott Phoebus, Iron Hills Mastiffs) that I had previously discounted because they would be ready to go home in the middle of January. In the middle of a crazy travel schedule for my job. In the middle of a major home renovation here at our house. Basically in the the middle of chaos.

So of course I went to see them.

When I arrived, it was clear that I was drawn to the male with the darker head. The male who reminded me so poignantly of Diesel as a puppy. I kept trying to connect with him, but it was consistently the lighter male who trotted up to me and wanted to play. I agonized over the decision, but finally decided to go with the lighter puppy. Much to my delight, our Veterinarian (who had come with me to see the puppies) decided to take the darker puppy, so it was win-win for me knowing I would still get to see the dark puppy grow up!

Augie (left) and Spanky (right)

The next obstacle was his name. After spending a little time with him, two things were clear: 1) he was a greedy little thing and wouldn’t be missing any meals, and 2) he had Spunk. My husband, who has named all our animals, grew up on episodes of the Little Rascals. He threw out the name Spanky and I was open to it, but not convinced. That is, until we started pulling up old Youtube Little Rascal videos and agreed that our boy was definitely SPANKY:

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