One New Thing

In true Chinese “Tiger Mom” style, I have so many hopes for Spanky and the things I would love to do with him: therapy work, conformational showing, rally… Some of these things will be up to him and who he turns out to be. But I feel like it is all my responsibility to give him the right foundation to be successful. So I have commited to introducing Spanky to One New Thing every day. Some days are small: walking down a new path, or playing animal noises on the computer. Some days are big: going to the grocery store or meeting new people and dogs.

Spanky at Pet Barn

Spanky at Giant Supermarket

My friend send me this Puppy Socialization Checklist to help guide his new experiences. Here’s what Spanky’s Checklist looks like so far…

Puppy Socialization Checklist (page 1)

Puppy Socialization Checklist (page 2)

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