We Are Family

Spanky went for a visit to see his littermate brother, Augie (aka “dark” puppy). Spanky popped right out of the car and ran into Augie’s house like he owned it, chasing Augie up half a flight of stairs in the process! Apparently Augie had not been previously motivated to start climbing stairs until his overenthusiastic brother came barreling into the house and charging into him. What a first impression!

Of course, once Augie realized who this pouncing puppy was, the two had a BLAST.

Augie and Spanky playing

Augie was very generous and happy to share everything he had with Spanky: his family, his water, his toys, even his big sister Patti.

Augie Spanky and Robbie

Augie and Spanky sharing water

Patti and Spanky

It will be so much fun to see these boys grow up. I love that Spanky has a brother who lives so close by that they will be able to play regularly.

Augie and Spanky side by side

They definitely seem to enjoy the same games: chasing the ball, tumbling, putting anything made of wood in their mouths.

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