Say Cheese!

My friend Bryan is a talented photographer who would probably own all manner of giant smooshy-faced puppies, if he could. He has a knack for capturing the animal’s spirit and personality, that can only come from being a true lover of all creatures, whether furry or scaly! Here’s his website: Bryan Sirotkin Photography

About a year ago, we scheduled a photoshoot for two very special subjects… my boy Diesel and his French bulldog puppy, Ziggy. The boys had a blast and were a huge hit! (See their video below)

So of course it seemed fitting that we would introduce Ziggy to Spanky. Spanky was smitten with Ziggy and spent the entire shoot chasing Ziggy down and using his giant paws to his advantage.

Ziggy and Spanky

Spanky took the photoshoot very seriously.

Spanky sitting pretty

At least for as long as his puppy attention span could manage (read: about 15 seconds).

Wanna play?

He made sure the lens was clean and freshly washed.

Spanky looking into the camera lens

And generally enjoyed being the center of attention!

Spanky wants a close up

For a little stroll down memory lane, here’s Diesel and Ziggy:

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