Best in Play

Spanky went to the Chesapeake Mastiff Club Fun Match today. He had a blast leaping on any dog that ventured within reach and torturing his littermate sister, Darla.

It was also Spanky’s first long car ride, so I was a little anxious about how it would go. He only recently started riding loose in the cargo space of my station wagon and I was very happy with his good behavior! Spanky slept most of the trip and I only saw his head pop up in my rear view mirror a few times, and then he entertained himself with a squeaky toy in the back. This was a wonderful reward for all our training: this was a puppy who cried and whined horribly for his first few car rides. Multiple short car rides per week with yummy goodies, followed by fun and games have paid dividends!

Per his usual self, he popped out of the back upon our arrival, happy to explore the new grounds. Not a hint of hesitation! Well, maybe one hint. But it was short lived, and who wouldn’t initially run when a 240 lb mastiff comes barreling at you? That’s right. Spanky met his Daddy, Lincoln! It took only a second for Spanky to see that this big guy was all love and sweetness and then he was quickly wrestling and jumping.

Our first practice effort in the “show ring” was less spectacular. Spanky was perfectly happy to run around the ring, but more at a gallop than a gait. Good thing we start handling classes in two weeks!

All 100+ pictures from our fun day

A mini family reunion!

Spanky, Daddy Lincoln and Litter-mate sister Darla

Spanky, Daddy Lincoln and Litter-mate sister Darla

Spanky’s litter-mate sister, Darla

Pretty Darla

Darla and Frank

Darla and Robert

Phaeton tries to make a break for it!

Phaeton tries to make a break for it

Handsome Phaeton

Gorgeous Cayenne



Baby Bentley

Diane and Bentley

Handsome Rowdy


John and Rowdy

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1 Response to Best in Play

  1. Karla Fortunato says:

    Yay Spanky! Congrats on your first long car ride & show. You have plenty of time for training. So, I wouldn’t worry about performance. I’m glad that he had such a good time. Nice to see the great pics – Cayenne is filling out! and who is beautiful Bentley?

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