Blue Ribbon Baby!

It’s official!  Spanky is a show dog.

For his debut, we competed in the Southern Maryland Kennel Club Dog Show at the Bel Alton Fairgrounds on July 2, 2011.  Thanks to Pat Jarvis for the wonderful photos! 

The show catalog and results:

We arrived early so I could walk Spanky around a bit and let him get used to things.  He was THRILLED to be there.  I had to keep a 2-3 foot radius from the other dogs though, because as far as Spanky was concerned, the dog show was some new and fabulous dog park.  He couldn’t wait to meet all the people and other dogs.  

Spanky waiting ringside

In the ring, I couldn’t have been prouder of my boy!  The judge caught us a bit by surprise and I didn’t get a chance to fully stack him up before she started her exam.  But Spanky showed off his bite and bits like a champ.
Stacking for the judge

He moved out and gaited just like we practiced and wagged his happy little tail the whole time.

Spanky gaiting


Winners Dog Line-up

 We went home with our first blue ribbon: 1st place in the 6-9 month puppy dog class! 
1st Place in the 6-9 Month Puppy Dog Class

For our 2nd show, we went to the Catoctin Kennel Club Dog Show at the Howard County Fairgrounds on July 7, 2011.  Thanks to Kim Blankenship for the wonderful photos! 

The show catalog and results:

 Everyone warned me that this particular site is difficult, but I was still not prepared.  It was noisy and miserably hot, with very little room to move the dogs around, but Spanky did me proud once again.  He was completely unphased by all the commotion.  The heat was another story and I filled his bowl three times while we were waiting and he kept laying down on the concrete to cool off.
As it turns out Spanky is a patriot.  At the start of the dog show, they started playing the National Anthem and everyone turned and was very respectful .  Spanky noticed what was going on and sat up to see what everyone was looking at! 

Spanky listening to the national anthem

Such a busy-body:  watching all the other breeds in the ring while we waited our turn.

Spanky waiting to go in the ring


By the time it was our turn, Spanky was wiped, but he stacked up and and gave it his all. 

Stacking for the judge

Spanky on the move

The judge won points from Spanky by squeaking a little toy to get his attention: a big plus in Spanky’s eyes.  And Spanky got 1st Place in the 6-9 Month Puppy Dog Class and Reserve Winner’s Dog for his effort!

Spanky says, "Give me the ribbon!"

 But we were both very happy to get out of there and into the air conditioned car.

Packing up

 New ribbons for the wall!


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2 Responses to Blue Ribbon Baby!

  1. Karla says:

    Wow! Blue ribbons already?! That’s fantastic! Congrats to you & Mr. Spanky. Apparently overachieving runs in the Wu family. 🙂

    When’s the next show?

    • Maybe just a little. LOL Thanks! I think the next show is in October. It’s that same one you and I went to last year when Ollie was nothing but a little kidney bean. 🙂

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