Camp Jarvis

Spanky visited Camp Jarvis for the first time since he was only a few months old. He had a blast running around with his big brother Jaybear, who can still make him look like a pipsqueak! I was happy to see Spanky give Teagan the proper respect as Queen of the household, and also how nicely he played with all the other pups who were visiting too.

Jaybear and Spanky on the run

"Follow Me!"

"Hey, we're not done already, are we?"

"Come on Brudder! Get up and play with me."

Alright Kid. You asked for it!

Jaybear resting

Spanky was also thrilled by the discovery of Pat’s baby pool. Good thing, it has nice strong sides or Spanky would have crushed it. It took him a few tries, but he finally figured out how to squish his big ole body so he could “submerge.”

Spanky discovers the baby pool

"Hmm... this could be better."

"I think I've almost got it."

"Oh yeah, that's the ticket."

And then finally, Jaybear showed off his water catching skills!

Spanky and Jaybear play with the hose

Jaybear catching water droplets

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5 Responses to Camp Jarvis

  1. Karla says:

    oh my! the sequence of pics where spanky figuring out how to fit himself in the pool are PRICELESS. they should be on a card or a wall hanging or something. so, so cute & funny.

  2. Julia says:

    I LOVE the pool sequence, too. So hilarious how his butt sticks out! It really made me smile when the little, black dog climbed into the pool with him at the end. It all looks like a fun day with the puppies!

  3. Thanks! Spanky sure does love water, big or small. 🙂

  4. Tina C. says:

    We are recent mastiff owners. We named our male Jarvis. So we googled Jarvis Mastiff. This piped up. Can you tell me what is Camp Jarvis?

    • That’s funny 🙂 Camp Jarvis is just what we called my friend’s place because Spanky had so much fun running around, making friends and “swimming” in the kiddie pool. Congrats on your new pup!

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