Woodmarks Diesel RE, CGC, TDI (07/05/2005 – 09/04/2010)

Kisses from Diesel

I know that this is Spanky’s blog, so you’ll have to excuse this little excursion.  Today is the Rainbow Bridge Anniversary for our first mastiff, Diesel.  It feels right to post this here, since I know we never would have gotten Spanky if we had not loved Diesel as deeply as we did.  I think of him often and what I would do if I could have just one more day with my sweet boy.  I miss him so…

One Fine Day

We would wake early
I wouldn’t waste a single minute

We would go to the creek
Your favorite friends would meet us there
You would all splash around 
Until finally you’d find a deep spot and lay down in it.

Later I’d spray you with the hose
While you tried to catch the water in your mouth
And we’d sit in the grass while you dried 
Snoozing a little and watching the neighbors
Children would stop and say hello
And you’d thump your tail for them

Then we’d take a nap together
Snuggling in bed
You were a great napper

I’d grab a book and sit on the balcony with you
The cats would rub against you
I’d share watermelon cubes with you
And you’d wrestle with your Daddy

At the end of that fine day, I’d whisper in your ear
How you made my life better, happier, fuller
How much I loved you, and still do
And how you changed my life forever.


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8 Responses to Woodmarks Diesel RE, CGC, TDI (07/05/2005 – 09/04/2010)

  1. Julia says:

    This is just too beautiful! I’m fighting back tears as I write this, but I finally lost it. Diesel was such a special boy. He always made us smile a little wider when we would be with him. When we lost our Larry he was there to comfort us and he was the first friend to Abbott. I’ll never forget the fun he and Curly had. Thank you Julie for sharing him and yourself with us. I was just mentioning Diesel today, when I talked about Gentle Giants. He was a great ambassador. He will never be forgotten! Hugs, Julia & the boys

  2. diane says:

    That is just to sweet. Diesel is VERY missed and always will be. He was one of a kind. I still remember the day you picked him up. We miss you sweet boy!

  3. hearingelmo says:

    What a VERY SPECIAL tribute to Diesel. Loved by MANY (from numerous and various species too!). This post and video made my heart smile. Thanks for allowing others to partake of this special anniversary of the passing of a wonderful soul…

  4. Stephen Scott says:

    What a beautiful tribute! It brings tears to my eyes Julie. Im glad that you were able to preserve so many videos of Diesel. Its very touching. I know what you are feeling and Diesel was very lucky to have such a wonderful family watch after him on his time on this planet. Thank you for sharing this with us. It really means a lot. Talk soon.

  5. Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you remembering him with us.

  6. Awww! Diesel was very much loved by everyone. He was so lucky to have you and Barry. I am so sorry again…. hugs.

  7. Girl, everytime I watch that video, I laugh and cry. I laugh because he was such a goof and cry because I know how much you truly loved him. He was so loved and will be missed beyond words.

  8. Lois Harner says:

    I’ve watched your videos of Diesel and was greatly moved by his gentle and wonderful ways. He was a truly wonderful dog and I appreciate your tribute to him. I feel as if I too love him even though he is gone.

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