Family Fun Day (Chesapeake Mastiff Club Fun Match)

Spanky had a little family reunion today. We went to the Chesapeake Mastiff Club Fun Match for a little pre-show practice. “Practice” started by throwing Spanky in the run with his cousins Charlie and Cayenne to burn off some of his excess energy and excitement!

Spanky and Charlie (Woodmarks Flirt N With Fire)

Cayenne (SpiceWoodMarks Sheza Spicy Blond)

Charlie, Spanky and Cayenne

His cousin Ryan was the next to arrive and Spanky went for round two with his new friend.

Kelly, Spanky and Ryan

Ryan stretched his legs in the practice ring. Handlers are for suckas!

Ryan (Candy Lanes Fields of Athenry)

Ryan (Candy Lanes Fields of Athenry)

Spanky’s little half brothers and sister also came out to play!

Baldur (Himinbjorg puppy)

Leif (Himinbjorg puppy)

Ambrosia (Himinbjorg puppy)

He made a new friend in Clio, who at 7 months, had the same ideas of fun and pouncing as Spanky and the two of them watched eagerly from the sidelines.

Clio (Greiner Hall Making History)

Spanky and John

And of course, the family reunion wouldn’t be complete without some updated photos of Spanky with his Daddy Lincoln (CH Woodmarks Lincoln of Goldleaf). The resemblance between them is wonderful to watch as it unfolds. With any luck, he’ll continue to take after his Dad in both looks and personality.

Daddy Lincoln and Spanky

Daddy Lincoln and Spanky

Diane, Daddy Lincoln, Spanky and Me

For the full set of photos from the day, click on the Photo Album

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