Spanky Turns 1

Spanky looking outside

It was a year ago that Spanky came into this world (bred by Robert Miller – Leeds Hall Mastiffs, and Scott Phoebus – Iron Hills Mastiffs). Looking back, I can appreciate how much the important people in my life cared about me and helped me. The grief of losing our first mastiff, Diesel had me frozen. I wanted and was ready for a new puppy, but was just scared. So it was a group effort between my husband, my Vet and Diesel’s breeder who all helped me to take that first step.

I confess I didn’t let myself love my puppy all at once. But incredibly, I got exactly what I needed: a pushy, persistent, in-your-face, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer puppy who would not be ignored. Despite my best efforts, I fell in love!

Me and Spanky

My husband and I briefly considered “Tank” as a name for him, but after we spent our first weekend with our puppy it was clear that name would not do. This silly, spunky, crazy, nut-puppy was definitely “Spanky.” Of my many nicknames for him, prominent among them are: Spanky Pants, Spunky, Monkey, Puppy Chow and Love Puppy. This boy has personality and then some.

And so Spanky turned a year old and I am grateful for the people who helped me to open my heart and invite in this big goober of a dog. I can’t imagine life without him.

Birthday cake for Spanky

Birthday Boy

Spanky looking for a treat

Handsome Boy

Sitting Spanky

Sitting Spanky

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1 Response to Spanky Turns 1

  1. Karla says:

    I missed this posting and I loved reading it! I’m so happy that Spanky found his way to you, and you to him. You’re *both* very lucky!

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