One Proud Papa

We went to the Chesapeake Mastiff Club Fun Match today and one of the best parts is getting the opportunity to get Spanky together with his Big Daddy Lincoln. For the full set of photos from the day, click on the Photo Album

Today, there were a bunch of Lincoln puppies and we tried to get a family photo. We were moderately successful anyway.

Lincoln and his Puppies
(Ambrosia, Baldr, Spanky, Lincoln and Leif)

Baldr, Spanky and Lincoln
(Himinbjorg's Noblest Intentions, Woodmarks No Girls Allowed and Woodmarks Lincoln of Goldleaf)

Spanky and his Daddy Lincoln

Lincoln and Simple Simon

Spanky also practiced in the show ring and confirmed once again that I have no business owner handling. Look how nicely he works for Becky!

Spanky gaiting with Becky

The Himinbjorg puppies were there and they are all so sweet, well behaved and BIG. And only 10 months old!

Ambrosia and Baldr
(Himinbjorg's Sweet Nectar and Himinbjorg's Noblest Intentions)

Baldr (Himinbjorg's Noblest Intentions)

Leif (Himinbbjorg's Descendant of Greatness)

Lazy Leif (Himinbbjorg's Descendant of Greatness)

Thaddeus was so happy go-lucky and was ready to meet anybody or anypuppy who would play with him.

Thaddeus having fun
(Rainmakers Coming to Old School)

Becky also came with her puppies Chili and Diesel (although Chili was out when Spanky was still keeping me busy and I didn’t have my camera out).

Becky and Diesel
(Coopers Pursuit to Kaigans High Speed Chase)

The Leeds Hall crew also joined and the honorary mastiffs, Frank and Beans came out for the fun.

Robert and Frank

Robert and Beans

I didn’t get a formal stacked photo of Darla, but since this girl has a way of winning majors literally every time she has been shown, she has plenty of professional photos!

Spanky's sister Darla (Leeds Hall Return To Sender)

Meanwhile, Corky obliged by self-stacking and posing pretty for the camera. This girl is a Tank.


Of course, no one could ignore the adorable little babies who came out for some attention: puppies out of Cayenne X Bentley (CH SpiceWoodMarks Sheza Spicy Blonde
X Woodmarks Down N Dirty)

Apricot male (Bentley X Cayenne)

Brindle Male (Bentley X Cayenne)

This fawn girl (who is still looking for a home) definitely captured my eye and heart. Outgoing, feisty and so snuggly… deifinitely my kind of puppy!

Fawn girl (Bentley X Cayenne)

Fawn girl and Me

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1 Response to One Proud Papa

  1. Karla says:

    Family reunions are so much fun! It looks like a great time was had by all. Very jealous that I missed the opportunity to smooch on those puppies. Any chance Barry would budge on his 1-dog stance? 🙂

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